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Measuring, designing and awarding WELLbeing standards certifications in Aviation. We support the integration and application of innovative, practical and sustainable WELLbeing solutions to enhance the management of safety and promotion of a WELL / Just Culture in Aviation. 

OUR Philosophy:
From frontline in depth
to tangible global results 

As an international collective of frontline industry professionals, we rely on trusting relationships and collaboration with a variety of key stakeholders including regulators, organisations and individuals, to reduce the gap between safety regulatory frameworks and operational human needs.

Who are we?

Our roles in the industry provides us a unique and in-depth understanding of how the operational space directly impacts safety and on-time performance. 

People - Planet - Profit

We apply a user-centric design approach to positively impact the daily performance of people – maximising the opportunity for organisational profit. 

A Holistic Mindset

We use a combination of holistic science-based, physical, social and environmental WELLbeing formulae to optimise human and financial performance of organisations in aviation safety-critical environments.

Innovative Solutions

We promote and implement a unique set of transformative WELLbeing solutions, helping stakeholders enhance human and psychological safety, specific to safety-critical fields such as airport ground handling, air traffic management and airlines. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about people, and we understand how the spaces around us have the opportunity to make everyone, everywhere, healthier, happier and more productive.

History of Wellbeing

We focus on transforming health & wellbeing using a “people first” approach to reviewing buildings and infrastructure, aligning with the ethical and moral values of our organisations and airport communities.

Our Team:
A Legacy of Propelling Change in Aviation

We are a team of multi-disciplinary aviation industry professionals currently working in safety-critical roles, who are managing highly complex wellbeing, welfare and safety challenges daily in our specific ecosystem. We think beyond technical skills and reach out to creativity, passion and a commitment to designing with a social purpose a cross-dimensional series of wellbeing and safety response proposals for organisations and regulatory boards. This is to underpin our collective focus on WELLbeing and safety promotion across the industry. Our local and global teams continue to lead the market in terms of continued innovation around wellbeing and our primary objective to realise the integration of wellbeing within the regulatory fibres of safety.

Promoting New Standards. Solving Big Problems.

EAWA has been born as the only platform in EU-UK, that aims to create, promote and award Wellbeing Standards in Aviation.


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Our Services

WELLbeing action plans and fatigue risk management


System policy design for WELLbeing and fatigue | stress management (WMS)

Aviation education programs with mental health first-aid training

Aviation culture, philosophy and lifestyle workshops

Safety leadership program

WELLbeing events, certifications and awards

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How we do it:
Science and Faith

We use a combination of holistic science-based (physical, social and environmental) WELLbeing formulae to assist in maximising the performance of people and organisations in aviation safety-critical roles. Our focus is to enhance human development to positively impact on social sustainability in airport operational environments – from ground operations to sky. Without limits!

Our mission is to make an impactful difference to our aviation environment and be an integral part of helping to shape regulations that acknowledge the reality around human beings operating in a safety-critical role

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