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The EAWA Global African Student Beauty Pageant is an educational scholarship pageant that aims to provide an education fund to African students and students of African heritage. It also serves as a platform to showcase and promote African Culture and Heritage, Cuisine, Arts and Crafts, Tourism and Community Development through active citizenship we call “Beauty With A Vision”.

The Pageant creates an experience built around kindness, fun, laughter and support that enables our participants to strive for the best they can achieve. Participants will learn etiquettes and the values of having a voice and using it when wearing their executive Tiara and Sash. They will learn how to use their office to raise funds geared at supporting community development projects in Africa. This effort will be appreciated and rewarded the following year where the participant with the highest funds raised will receive titles for their efforts and hard work.

At the EAWA Global African Student Beauty Pageant, we do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome to participate just as they are regardless of their size, shape or height.

How to Win

To win the Global African Student Beauty Pageant, you must excel and score the highest number of points which can be accumulated over a series of activities and events in the run up to the final. These range from a quiz on African history, community participation, talent, sports and multimedia.

Gifts for our Grand finalists!

  • Winners will have the chance to win the trip of a lifetime to an African destination (One-night stay in a hotel or a 300.00 Euro education fund in cash).
  • EVERY FINALIST will receive a tiara presented to them onstage (Contestants must attend the Grand Final to receive tiara).
  • YOUR VERY OWN exclusive SASH with your title (for example: Miss or Mr Global African Student Beauty 2017)
  • FREE HAIR STYLING and FREE MAKEOVER (bring your own products if you have specific allergies)
  • and much more!!!


Fantastic prizes to be won include an education fund and flight tickets to an African destination among others.