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Eligibility Criteria

  1.  Candidates can be self-nominated or nominated by a third party.
    2.    Nominees must be at least 18 years of age, except where otherwise stated.
    3.    For the children’s category nominees must be at least 6 years of age, and parental consent must be obtained if nominated by a third party.
    4.    Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.


  1. All nominees (whether self-nominated or nominated by a third party) must submit a passport size high definition picture.
    2.  All nominees (whether self-nominated or nominated by a third party) must send evidence of their work via email to awards@eawa.eu
    3. Nominees may summit a 2-minute (maximum duration) video about their work and nomination. Keep it short and make it memorable!

Note:  Nominees grants EAWA the non-exclusive rights to use their photo and reproduce their video and/or parts of their video for the purposes of the awards and/or its promotion.


  1. The panel of judges will review all applications and select up to 3-5 finalists in each award category. There will be one overall winner per category.
  2. All finalists will be required to attend the Awards ceremony in person or send a representative.
  3. Entries in languages other than English will only be accepted with an accompanying English translation (for print materials/radio/TV scripts and/or online articles). Detailed information on each category, entry forms, formats for submission and deadlines can be found on the EAWA Awards website at http://www.eawa.eu

 Judging Criteria & Winner Selection  

  1.  The judges will select a winner based on the evidence of work provided.
    2.    The judges reserve the right not to select a winner in a given award category if they determine there are no qualifying or deserving candidates.
    3.    In all matters, the judges’ decision will be final.

 Award Prizes

All nominees will receive a badge and/or certificate honouring their efforts to support the development of Africa and its people. These can be publicly exhibited in homes or offices as a sign of prestige and recognition of their efforts. Furthermore, this recognition enhances nominees’ presences and profiles, in both print and social media, and connects them with new potential partners, collaborators, mentors and investors.

Each category winner will receive an individually designed plaque, medal and/or certificate of honour depending on their category/sub-category.  Read about our categories.  There will be other great prizes to be won on the night.

 General Information

  1. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Submissions made should only be tailored to the category entered
  3. Any false information will result in a nomination being disqualified.
  4. Personal information about nominees and nominators will be kept confidential and will only be used for the conduct and promotion of the EAWA Awards.
  5. In the unlikely event of a dispute arising in connection with the awards’ terms and conditions, the organising committee reserves the right to suspend any nomination or withhold any award until the dispute is resolved.

 Attendance: Attendees will be required to pay a registration fee. Due to limited space, participants are encouraged to register early.

Closing Date for Purchasing Tickets: To be announced later

Working Language: English with translations in French and Arabic (If a translation service is required, please contact us via email at the address provided below.)